January 10th 2017            "Secret Societies - Cause & Effect" by Peter Farrell

February 28th 2017            AGM.

March 14th 2017             "The Kennedys of Mt Kennedy Estate" by Therese Hicks

April 11th 2017                Construction of the Vartry Waterwors by Ned Fleming, Dublin City Council

May 9th 2017                  'The Fenians in Context' by Liz Gillis, Author & Historian

July 8th 2017                    Society Trip to Wexford

September 9th 2017          Society Visit to Turlough Hill

September 12th 2017        Friends in times of Turmoil: the story of Consul Dobrzynski by Ian Cantwell

October 17th 2017            The Kynochs Lecture: the story of the factory by Michael Fitzpatrick

November 11th 2017         Launch of Society's 27th Journal by Eileen Patterson

November 21st 2017         The Story of Delia Murphy by her niece Carmen Cullen.

December 1st 2017            Society's Annual Christmas Dinner